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What is Solution Focused Trainers Ltd?

We are an established training company delivering level 3 externally validated training courses with optional routes to Practitioner Certification in Solution Focused Practice for individuals, teams and organisations throughout England, Wales and beyond. We have worked with NCFE, NCS, IASTI and other recognised bodies to match our training to their accreditation and CPD processes and have provided NCFE accredited courses and customised awards in Solution Focused Practice since April 2012.

Our Courses

We deliver training courses in Solution Focused Practice for individuals and to groups of students through corporate or bespoke arrangements. The validation of our courses draws on our relationship with three external bodies which endorse the Solution Focused content of the training, evidence of learning and relevance to CPD. Courses are available at various dates and locations. Testimonials from past students confirm the rigour of the training, the usefulness of the learning approaches and the difference the training makes in the lives of service users.

The Directors

John and Greg shared over 30 years’ experience of designing and delivering engaging and innovative training courses in Solution Focused Practice to a wide range of service providers in statutory, voluntary, private and business settings in the UK and abroad. Both were qualified social workers. John is also a Systemic Psychotherapist with 30 years’ experience of working in CAMHS, a Supervisor, an Expert Witness using the Resolutions approach in denied abuse situations and a recognised writer on Solution Focused Practice with over 30 published papers and book chapters. Greg was also an Expert Witness and Solution Focused Consultant and had managed teams in the public sector and introduced staff - including those working with children and families, adults with mental health difficulties, adults misusing substances, adult ex-offenders and those acting as business coaches - to Solution Focused Practice.

Greg Vinnicombe died on 21st October 2015. This has been a huge loss to the Solution Focused community and a huge loss to Solution Focused Trainers. With the help of Greg’s wife Thelma, the Associate Trainers and Andrew Gibson our business consultant, Solution Focused Training continues with a renewed commitment to build on the rich legacy Greg has left.

History of Solution Focused Trainers

Solution Focused Trainers Ltd was established in 2011 by John Wheeler and Greg Vinnicombe. Both Directors had a longstanding passion for Solution Focused Practice drawn from their experience of using the approach with service users and noting the benefits that this could quickly bring to their lives. John and Greg went on to introduce Solution Focused Practice to students, colleagues and wider staff groups and managers through short introductory courses and through workshops and conferences both in the UK and abroad.

Evaluations conducted by John and Greg demonstrated that the short courses were greatly appreciated and frequent enquiries were made regarding the existence of longer, externally-validated training. In particular, practitioners wanted to be able to demonstrate evidence of learning and recognition of their competence as Solution-Focused practitioners. Solution Focused Trainers Ltd was formed to meet this demand.

The design of the Solution Focused Trainers Level 3 Certificate in Solution Focused Practice, and the follow up days, have drawn heavily on John and Greg’s substantial experience of what works well in training. Internal moderation by course tutors, external moderation from NCFE and feedback from practitioners and managers have provided Solution Focused Trainers Ltd with ongoing opportunities to continue to develop the Level 3 Certificate, and follow up days, in light of what has been found to work best. John and Greg have held to a strong belief that practitioners are most likely to learn Solution Focused Practice well when the trainer is also an experience Solution Focused Practitioner. As a consequence of this, practitioners attending training with Solution Focused Trainers Ltd can be confident that all course tutors not only know about the approach, but also have significant direct experience of using the approach in practice.

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