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Solution Focused Trainers provide exciting opportunities for experienced trainers in Solution Focused Practice to work with us as Associate Trainers. There are many advantages to becoming part of a training company with established relationships with external bodies which has in place courses which have been tested and refined over time. Solution Focused Trainers has worked with the first Associates to create documentation which clearly explain what is involved, who can apply and a process which takes potential associates all the way from expressions of interest to being supported to deliver our courses in their own locality.

Becoming an Associate

What are the advantages?

Solution Focused Trainers’ courses have been validated by NCFE as Customised awards, which mean that all the course design work is in place. Associate trainers who work with us are provided with a comprehensive staff handbook and all the training materials required to deliver the training.

What is Involved?

Contact us using the contact form and we will send you preliminary information.

Who can apply?

We are looking to recruit experienced Solution Focused trainers who have a relevant professional qualification and have ongoing practice experience.


For more information, please contact us.

Current Associates

Martin Oswin

Martin Oswin

Martin Oswin has a background in Social Work in mental health. He has been using the Solution Focused Approach since 2008, starting with clients using mental health crisis services. He trained at BRIEF in 2011, completing the Diploma in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. He has continued to use his SF skills in practice with clients in mental health crisis focusing on suicide and using SF to promote recovery. Martin has contributed recently to the (online) MSc Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion at University of Hertfordshire, writing the content on the course on SF and providing recorded content.

Martin's passion for SF has encouraged him to teach and supervise SF practitioners. As a great opportunity to encourage professionals to focus on the clients skills, strengths and treat them as the experts in their lives.

Naomi Whitehead

Naomi Whitehead

Naomi has over 17 years of experience working in a range of Social Care settings from Youth Offending Harm Reduction and Safeguarding to Strategic Management in Housing and Homelessness Prevention.

For the last 10 years Naomi has developed and extensively used her expertise in Solution Focused Practice. She is both delighted and repeatedly surprised by the simplicity yet tangible effectiveness of SFP and the significant positive life changes it leads to. The breadth and variety of Naomi's application of the technique means she's a passionate and engaging trainer. Ask someone how they would like things to improve and they'll describe their own action plan, articulated and encouraged from just a small handful of specific solution focused questions.

Naomi trained in Counselling, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2002 before discovering SFP which became her preferred approach after BRIEF training in 2003, 2004 and 2007. Naomi is also TEFL and Train the Trainer qualified, has a 2:1 BA Hons in Sociology and Social Policy and a Distinction in the Level 3 SFP Certificate. She has also trained in the ILM recognised Leadership and Management Development programme.

Stephan Natynczuk

Stephan Natynczuk

Stephan is based in Pinvin, Worcestershire and is happy to deliver courses in neighbouring counties. Stephan trained with BRIEF and uses a Solution Focused approach in Adventure Therapy and Business Coaching. He is a Leading Practitioner of the Institute for Outdoor Learning and the founder of My Big Adventure; a social enterprise specialized in engaging hard to reach young people at risk and missing out on education. Stephan likes the rigour and robustness of Solution Focused thinking, its adaptability as a coaching and therapeutic tool, he love to see peoples’ expressions when they are thinking hard and the joy they show as they acquire SF skills.

Bryan Thornton

Bryan Thornton

Bryan is based in Sheffield. He finds the most rewarding feature of delivering training in SF is seeing people ‘get it’. Bryan finds that whilst the approach is remarkably simple, it is so different from ‘practice as usual’, that it can take a long time to master. Seeing people persevere and notice the simplicity working for them is fascinating. People often look for the complexity and what is ‘behind the theory’. Letting go of this search and just doing it is what releases the magic of the approach. Once people accept the simplicity and keep doing that, it works. People are amazed! It is very rewarding to see this breakthrough.

Tara Gretton

Tara Gretton

Tara has a background in Social Work. Tara qualified from Bath University in 2004. Prior to that Tara was an aspiring actor working in Fringe theatre in Dublin.

Tara has always had a strong value base in empowerment and enabling people to achieve their best hopes.

Tara worked with adults with learning difficulties until 2010 and then made the transition to Children’s Services within Bath where she had the wonderful opportunity to work in a social work team that used Solution Focused Practice with adolescents and their families to prevent family breakdown and reduce the number of young people coming into care. Discovering Solution Focused Practice for Tara felt like she had finally found what she had been searching for throughout her professional life. It gave her a framework for her values.

Tar has extensive experience of using the Solution Focused approach with young people and their families and since becoming a freelance Solution Focused practitioner in 2014, she has extended her practice to working with adults and providing training. Tara feels strongly that the use of the Solution Focused approach within schools would hugely benefit children and young people in supporting them to reach their full potential both academically and personally. Tara is working closely with several schools and the council in the local area working directly with young people and staff to implement the use of Solution Focused Practice.

Suzi Curtis

Suzi Curtis

Suzi first came across solution-focused practice when she was studying for her clinical psychology doctorate in 2007. It had an instant, intuitive appeal for her and she was delighted to discover that it was being widely practised in her own local clinical health psychology department, in Southport, where she now proudly works. Here, she provides solution-focused therapy to people with long-term health conditions and trains other health professionals in using the approach.

Suzi also works for a community interest company in Liverpool, mostly with people experiencing homelessness and the workers who support them. She is equally energised, enthused and inspired by working one-to-one with clients as she is by “spreading the SF word” to others and supporting them as they develop their skills and confidence in themselves and the approach.

Suzi was elected to the position of UKASFP Accreditation lead in 2013 a role which culminated in the launching of a new accreditation system in July 2016 and she has a continuing interest in the recognition and promotion of the value of solution-focused skills.

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