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What are the benefits?

Quick and Effective!

Research has demonstrated that one important benefit of practitioners utilising a solution focused approach is that effective resolutions to the service user’s presenting problem(s) can be achieved in a comparatively short period of time; 65-83% of cases within an average of four to five sessions or less. Think of the savings in time, effort and resources this could bring to your service users, practitioners and service providers.

More about the benefits of the Solution Focused Approach

Finding Solutions
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What are people saying about our courses?

It is the first course where I feel able to fully put things into practise
Thank you!!

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NCFE is the third biggest technical and vocational awarding organisation in the UK. Founded in 1848 they work for a fairer education system for all learners to power inclusivity and choice with the belief that no learner should be left behind. Solution Focused Trainers C.I.C.'s Certificates in SF Practice & SF Practice Outdoors have been accredited by NCFE as a Customised Qualification, benchmarked as a Level 3 Certificate. Whilst the course is not regulated by Ofqual, NCFE recognises that the course's learning outcomes and assessment criteria are benchmarked at Level 3, using Ofqual's framework's level descriptors, enabling our learners to demonstrate the difficulty and depth of their study.

NCFE Validation
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External recognition of the Solution Focused content of our training is demonstrated through our membership of IASTI (, the International Alliance of Solution Focused Training Institutes. IASTI began in 2011 and by 2023 included training institutes from 15 different countries. Our membership of IASTI provides our students with the further advantage of being able to count their training with us towards international accreditation by IASTI as a Solution Focused Practitioner/Advanced Solution Focused Practitioner/Master Solution Focused Practitioner – certification which has already been awarded to tens of thousands of practitioners in countries including the US, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Poland, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Japan, Korea and the Philippines.

IASTI Accredited
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Quality Checked

The Solution Focused Trainers Certificate in Solution Focused Practice, Certificate in Solution Focused Practice Outdoors and Certificate in Solution Focused Practice Online are all Quality Checked by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS). These courses also meet the requirements of NCPS Advanced Specialist Training status for individuals who complete the course and who are already qualified/experienced practitioners of counselling, psychotherapy or a closely related activity such as coaching. This recognition is subject to individuals, who have completed the course, providing proof of their qualifications to Solution Focused Trainers - if the criteria are met then the Solution Focused Trainers can provide an Advanced Specialist Training certificate to the individual.

NCS Quality Checked

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