Each Level 3 Certificate concludes with students talking together to reflect on their experience of the course. This helps us to optimise our delivery of the course and provides the External Moderator from NCFE with an opportunity to hear the views of students. This recording is from a recent course.


students produce a short presentation on day 3 or 4 or the course to demonstrate their knowledge of Solution Focused Practice and the origins of the approach. We encourage students to play to their strengths. Lynn drew on her skills in graphic design to create a flier. Carolyn drew on her talents for rhyming couplets to produce a poem.




A group in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Recorded families with trouble in
They saw problems between
The people they seen
Instead of problems within

Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer
Found a girl who was quite a hell-raiser
Told the family to seek
The traits they should keep
And soon they started to praise her

When they returned on their next visit
They began to tell of something exquisite
Change had started to swell
In their daughter as well
That’s quite a surprise now isn’t it?

The family report with surprise
General morale had begun to rise
The duo undertook
To take a close look
At the results of this with wide eyes

The researchers had an inception
Of an idea to alter perception
When the sky is dark grey
But something’s OK
It turns out there’s an Exception

Exceptions they noticed did grow
When they talked to their clients to know
The way they behaved
Or lived out their days
And the Solutions began to show

They continued in the same vein
Discovering that they could gain
The clues to Solutions
In the client’s evolution
And with this they began to remain

Inspired by Erickson’s book
Into the crystal ball they did look
The future displayed
What was hidden by shade
And with this they now had their hook

The duo kept on in their quest
As they had a new theory to test
And in one session
Asked the Miracle Question
And now this technique’s one of their best

So Solution Focused’s quite a hit
And I’m reading the end of my bit
I’m finished my rhyme
So thanks for your time
And that’s it I’m done, Holy … moley!

JUNE 2015


Students complete a questionnaire at the end of the course to evaluate their experience of the course. The following are comments made by students from several different courses.

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